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Care Through Tech is guided by a team of competent leaders and members across Canada, who have recognized the ongoing disparities spawned by the societal inequities and the rapidly advancing technology. 

board of committee

Jasmine Rocci, Co-Founder & Co-Chair 

Poojitha Pai, Co-Chair

Steve Jang, Vice Chair and Director of Communications and Fundraising

Valerie Jeanneret, Director of Internal

Jae Hyeong Yang, Director of Affairs (Ontario)

Justine Touzot, Director of Affairs (Quebec) 

Yuvraj Thind, Director of Evaluation 

Sadia Mehmood, Director of Finance 

Rebecca Mizrahi, Director of IT, Hardware, and Software

Jennifer Kim, President of the Care Through Tech McGill Chapter 

Alessandra Tassano, President of the Care Through Tech McMaster Chapter 

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