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CTT accepts both monetary and tech donations.

We and our partners thank you for your generosity!

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are used to help with the purchasing of additional devices for donation, repairs, accessories for donated devices (ex. chargers and cases), and other Care Through Tech operating expenses.

Care Through Tech is not a registered charity at this time and is thereby unable to provide donation receipts for income tax purposes

Tech Donations - Phones, Laptops, Accessories, ETc.
Instructions to Donate TECH:

  1. Donating a phone? Unlock it with the current service provider.

    • Under Canada's Wireless Code, any phone purchased before December 2017 should be unlocked for free (by the user who purchased the phone), and any phone purchased after December 1st, 2017 should already arrive unlocked. Please contact your cell phone carrier to unlock the phone.

  2. Erase all information from your device and disable Activation Lock (Apple devices only).

    • Please remove any passcodes or PINs required to get into the device. Be sure to log out from all accounts.

    • For more information on how to disable Activation Lock on Apple devices (iPhones and iPads), please see Apple's documentation here.

    • Erase all information on the device (reset to factory settings). If you are not sure how to do this, rest assured we have a great team of professionals who will make sure your information is removed immediately upon donation. Please note, Care Through Tech is not responsible for any loss of information on the donated devices.

  3. Dropping off the device to a partner? Check out the list of drop-off locations. [Ontario only]

    • Drop-offs occur based on the opening hours of the partner you wish to drop it off to. 

  4. Participate in a contact-less donation!

For general information:
  • Double check if you can drop-off to a nearby partner

  • Check out our list of what you can donate!

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