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How we function

Collecting tech devices

We collect public donations of laptops and smart phones and purchase refurbished devices with the funds acquired from events and grant applications.


The costs of refurbished devices are as follows: 

Phone: $50-100

SIM Card: $15-20 

Laptop: $200


protecting privacy

Your privacy is of our utmost importance. The devices are checked thoroughly for any remaining user information that could cause any potential leakage of data.* Once found, they will be cleared and passed along for functionality.


Functionality testing

We check each device to make sure they all function properly. If they are non-functional, we send them for repair to prevent any issues for future users. 


Collaboration with partners

We connect with homeless shelters and social service organizations to inquire about their technological needs for their residents. They are provided with some paperworks to fill out. Each form will vary based on our discussions with the group. 


Decision making

The personal information from the submitted form is de-identified and evaluated by the committee. A multifactorial approach is used to ensure that each electronic device is allocated to the most optimal and responsible candidate.



Once the device is double-checked for functionality, it is gently packaged with the charger, along with any other accessories that the user has expressed (e.g., earbuds, protective case) and delivered to our partner for them to hand to the chosen candidate!

*Although we try our absolute best to clear any data, we do not hold responsibility for any data leakage once the devices have been donated.

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