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Welcome to our FAQ! Please click through the categories to look for your question.

  • I have a device I'd like to donate. Where do I start?
    Please visit our donationpage to follow the instructions on how to fill out the donation form.
  • I'm not sure if my device is usable. Will you take it?
    We accept all devices, so long as they can still be used to text, call, and/or access the internet. Please check herefor types of electronics we accept (e.g. smartphones, non-smartphones, tablets, etc.). If you are still unsure if your device is usable, please contact us and mention any potential issues with it; we will try to address your concern as best as possible.
  • I’m not sure if my device is unlocked. Will you take a phone that is still locked to a carrier?
    If the phone(s) was purchased from a carrier before 2017, it will most likely be locked to that carrier. Please contact the carrier to unlock the phone and remove all information (including passwords/pins/accounts) from the device(s) before donating. If you are unable to do so, we have a great team of professionals who will ensure your information is removed; however, please note that we are not responsible for any information on the phones.
  • I have chargers and/or other accessories to donate, but not the device to match. Will you take it?"
    Absolutely! Although you may not have the matching device, other donors may provide devices that may require your chargers and/or other accessories. As your donations come in, we will match the devices to their accessories and try our best to ensure that the recipient receives all necessary accessories for the device they are given.
  • Where can I drop off my donations?
    You may drop off your device at one of our drop-off locations (Ontario or Quebec) during work hours. To drop off your device, you must first set up a time with us at your preferred drop off location in our google form.
  • Do you pick up?
    We have paused our tech pick ups for the moment. We'll be sure to update our website should this service resume in the future!
  • I have a device that's not listed, but I'd like to donate it. Can I?"
    Although we would love to collect your donations for other target populations, the devices listed on our donation form are those that are going to people experiencing unstable housing. If your device is not listed, we have been advised that it is better to not donate it to this population and we will not be able to accept it at this time.
  • I work with someone who could use a device. How can I apply for them?
    If you work with the outreach system (heallthcare worker, shelter staff, outreach staff, etc.) please email us at with your request and we will give you the application. Alternatively, you may go to the location of one of our partners (Ontario or Quebec) where our request forms are available.
  • I could use a device. How can I receive one?
    In order to receive a device, you must apply through a professional who knows you at one of our partners.
  • My family member/friend, etc. could use a device. How can they apply for one?"
    The best thing to do would be to inform them about this initiative and instruct them to speak with an outreach worker, healthcare professional, etc. that is involved with the outreach population. Their preferred staff can then apply on their behalf for a device or refer them to another partnering organization.
  • I know a housed senior who could use a device. Can they receive one?
    While our primary target audience is people experiencing homelessness and poverty, we also recognize the demand for the vulnerable elderly population. Unfortunately, our partners are currently distributing products exclusively through shelters to those experiencing homelessness only. However, we are working closely with these partners to distinguish the protocol and device needs between the two populations in order to distribute devices to this second target population in the near future.
  • I/somone I know uses old technology and could benefit from receiving newer technology. Am I/are they eligible to receive a device?
    Due to the high demand, these devices are for people who do not have access to any other means of communication. Hence, those with access through other of communication (computer on the internet, landline phone, old mobile, etc.) are currently not eligible to receive products.
  • How do you distribute electronics?
    Once CTT gathers the electronics, we then drop them off to existing organizations/shelters to that can then distribute them in a more involved fashion. Hence, applications are directed to the external organizations themselves. However, we work closely with our partners to establish a protocol for distribution: 1. Those who would like to receive a phone have to apply for one through someone in the outreach system at one of our partners (healthcare professional, outreach worker, shelter staff, etc.) 2. Applications must cite a reason for use. While we can't necessarily say any reason is more important than the other, citing a reason for use will mitigate unintended uses of the electronics. 3. Those who lose a phone may not receive another one for a prolonged period of time. 4. We use a variety of information to try and match the requirements of the request to the tech that we have on hand to make it most useful to each of our clients.
  • Has this ever been done before? How did it go?
    While donating directly using shelters and NGOs has not been done before, there was a pilot project done in London, ON similar to our intiative where phones were donated to patients to better mental health service availability. In this study, they found that people's mental health did improve with the phone donations. If you'd like to learn more, you can read the article and its results here.
  • What if I lose the tech I've been given, or if it gets stolen?"
    Typically we won't be able to replace phones, tablets, or computers which have been lost or stolen. If there is an urgent need for a replacement, the professional through which you first requested your device can advocate on your behalf. You should describe to them the urgency of the request, and an explanation how you'll ensure the replacement device won't end up lost or stolen again.
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