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Donate Now

Please check out the instructions then fill out the following form if you have items to donate. We and the shelters thank you for your generosity!

Instructions to Donate:

  1. If you are donating a phone, please unlock it from the service provider.

    • Under Canada's Wireless Code, any phone purchased before December 2017 should be unlocked for free (by the user who purchased the phone), and any phone purchased after December 1st, 2017 should come unlocked.

    • For more information about how to unlock your phone based on carrier, please visit this website.

  2. Please ensure all information is wiped from your electronics. ​

    • Please remove any pins/passwords required to get into the device, as well as logout of any accounts​ (especially admin accounts). 

    • We have chargers available for you to borrow for 48h if you cannot find your own to remove your information. Please email us with the specific charger you will need (including the name and version of your device) to check for its availability. 

    • We prefer you wipe the phones yourself of all personal information! However, if you cannot find out how to remove information or are not comfortable wiping your electronic device(s), rest assured we have a great team of professionals who will make sure your information is removed.

    • Please note, we're not responsible for any information on the phones.

  3. Fill out our form​ above​ for a pick-up OR drop-off time.

    • Please be assured we will not share your personal information with anyone. This information is simply for us to contact you.

    • Pick-ups will generally occur Saturdays & Sundays. 

    • Drop-offs ​will occur based on the work hours of the partner you wish to drop it off to. 

    • Please allow approximately 72 hours for us to contact you. 

  4. Participate in a contact-less donation!

For general information:
  • Double check if we can pick-up near you OR you can drop off to a nearby partner

  • Check out our list of what you can donate!

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